ILLUSTRATION - Children Book: "Chug and Thug"

These illustrations were made for the children book: "Chug and Thug: The Alug Bugs", by the author Gemal Seede.

It's a tale about two little bug brothers, who learn a valuable lesson. I enjoyed a lot this project because it let me explore the tiny world of the insects, while I was making my research on which kind of characters and environment I will choose for the illustrations.

Happily at the end, the result pleased the author and of course myself.  Following are some original sketches and colored illustrations of the story.

You can buy the book online in THIS Amazon store link.

ILLUSTRATION - Children Book: "Los 6 amigos van al Cusco y conocen Machu Picchu"

This book was made under the seal of "Santillana" house publishing. They commissioned me to illustrate this book, that tells the adventures of a group of 6 kids, who traveled to Cusco City, in Peru. There they visited one of the seven world wonders: Machu Picchu and also many other ancient construction and places from the Incas era. I loved to work in this book, not only because the events happens in my country: Peru, but also because this group of children were multicultural, and they always help each other along their trip.

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